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Rhodolite Garnet Rings

The deep rusty reddish colors of the Rhodolite Garnet will leave you speechless. Each gemstone that is fit for royalty will also prove to be just right if you want to make a minimalistic statement. A versatile gemstone that tends to have a strong symbolism it is a well-demanded gemstone. Durable and capable of a bright sparkle the Rhodolite Garnet is known to be cure from negative energies. With only a few rare gems amongst our inventory, you can be sure to love these glamorous gems.
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  1. Natural Rhodolite Garnet 1.70 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.09 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 2396 Set in a floral inspired halo ring, this Purplish Pink Rhodolite Garnet steals all the attention. Weighing 1.70 carats, the center stone is crystal clear filled with an impeccable even color. Set with strong prongs that hold the gem in place, this ring is the perfect cross between elegance and sensual beauty. Learn More
  2. Natural Rhodolite Garnet 5.77 carats set in 14K Yellow Gold Ring with 0.25 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 2609 Bursting with color this dainty ring that features a Rhodolite Garnet at its center accentuated by diamonds along the shoulders of the ring is a classy choice. Easy to pair, this ring has been crafted well as the colors of the yellow gold compliment the gemstone beautifully. Cut as an oval and weighing 5.77 carats it is a lovely size if your looking for an engagement ring. Learn More
  3. Natural Rhodolite Garnet 7.11 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.08 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 2608 A modern choice, this oval Rhodolite Garnet has been set horizontally to add to the impact of the gemstone. Accentuated by diamonds that highlight the centrally set 7.11 carat gem at the center, it does not fail to bring alive the opulent color of the garnet. Crafted in 14K white gold, the seductive colors of the gem will stand out even if worn alone. Learn More
  4. Natural Rhodolite Garnet 10.55 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.30 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 2305 At 10.55 carats this is a vivid reddish purple Rhodolite Garnet that has a nice earthy color. Cut exceptionally well, will light entering through each facet, this split band truly brings the gemstone to life. Eye clean, and full of color, combining natural stones with diamonds is always the perfect combination if you’re looking to make a bold statement. Learn More
  5. Natural Rhodolite Garnet 10.64 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with 0.49 carats Diamonds

    SKU: 2306 This delicate pear cut 10.64 carat beauty comes with rich color and sparkling life that adds to the value of the Rhodolite Garnet. Set in a pavé halo, studded with melee diamonds that have been perfectly matched to compliment the center stone, there’s not denying it adds a sensual touch. Stock #302091 Learn More
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6 Item(s)