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Tsavorite Rings

Highly cherished for their color—Tsavorite Garnets are a rare African gemstone. According to history’s timeline these gemstones were in existence long before the dinosaur’s roamed the earth.

Tsavorites are a high competitor to the equally brilliant green emerald, because it is durable and rarely treated.Garnets are known to have a very high refractive index meaning that those rings will sparkle all the time on the hand that is lucky to wear it. If you are looking for a special gem, then Tsavorite is definitely one of your top choice. Those rings are very popular because of the intense green to a yellowish green color. Also, combined with diamonds, those rings with natural Tsavorite gemstone has brought out the best color of the Garnet gem and be an eye catcher. You can shop this beautiful wedding & engagement rings right here and right now.
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  1. Natural Tsavorite 0.36 carats set in 18K White Gold Stackable Ring with Diamonds

    Princess cut, lush green Tsavorite Garnets have been placed among round brilliant diamonds in this channel setting. The perfect option for someone who needs a stackable ring to add some color to her collection. Set in 18K white gold, the ribbon-like ring with its verdant green color will make anyone envious. Learn More
  2. Natural Tsavorite 2.08 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    This eye clean 2.08 carat Tsavorite Garnet mined in Madagascar has been set in 18K white gold to make you look effortlessly elegant. Set with two beautifully matched diamond accents placed on either side highlighting the center stone, the ring is absolutely breathtaking. Learn More
  3. Natural Tsavorite 2.13 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    This oval cut Tsavorite Garnet, set at the center of this ring steals the show. It’s rich green, has been highlighted by the perfectly matched round brilliant diamonds that rest on either side of the center stone. Eye clean and large in size, this 2.13 carat stone is a rare gem. Set in 18K white gold, this ring is just the right combination grace and beauty. Learn More
  4. Natural Tsavorite 2.13 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Set with a 2.13 carat round Tsavorite Garnet, this ring is a great option to make a lasting promise. Set with a diamond on either side that emphasizes the gem’s beauty, you can be sure she will love this ring. With 18K white gold prongs holding each gem in place, this ring is strong and can take a lot of wear and tear. Learn More
  5. Elegant Natural Tsavorite Ring 2.16cts Sparkling Diamonds 18K White Gold Pear Shape Green Gem

    This elegant ring is set with a 2.16 carat pear shaped natural Tsavorite Garnet and 0.35 carats of diamonds. If you are looking for a special gem other than an emerald, then Tsavorite should definitely be your top choice. The gem’s intense green makes it an attractive option and can outperform most others. Learn More
  6. Natural Tsavorite 2.20 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Vivid, radiant green, this cushion cut Tsavorite Garnet weighing 2.20 carats precedes any other. Cut with great precision this brilliant gem shows no eye visible inclusions. Set with two-step cut diamonds that compliment the center stone, you can be sure she will fall in love with this ring. Learn More
  7. Natural Tsavorite 2.29 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Set within an 18K white gold ring, this 2.29 carat Tsavorite, has a lush vivid green color. Known for their small sizes, the cutter has gained maximum from the rough, establishing a perfect marquise. Highlighted by the graduating diamond accents on either side of the tapered band, it is the perfect ring for delicate fingers. Learn More
  8. Natural Tsavorite 2.29 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    This spring colored Tsavorite is as spectacular as this gem gets. Cut as a cushion, weighing 2.29 carats, it rests perfectly on the finger between two emerald cut diamonds that add brilliance to the ring. Prong set, in 18K white gold; this ring is great to have when popping the big question. Learn More
  9. Natural Tsavorite 2.46 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Held in place by an 18K white gold handcrafted ring, this natural Tsavorite mined in Madagascar has a flattering design. The marquise shape of the center stone will surely elongate her graceful hands while the graduating diamonds on either side add a bit of sparkle to the ring. Elegant and delicate she will surely love this ring. Learn More
  10. Natural Tsavorite 2.76 carats set in 18K White Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Natural and untreated this Tsavorite Garnet cut as an oval is a stunning choice. Held in place by prongs this vibrant green garnet appears to almost float on the finger. Supported by glittery diamonds this ring is just what she needs if she likes subtle elegance. Learn More
  11. Unique Design Tsavorite Ring 2.79cts Dazzling Diamonds 14K White Gold Heart Shape Green Gem

    This 2.79 carat, Tsavorite ring is just a click away. Verdant green this beautiful heart shaped gem gives the ring its unique charm. Handcrafted in 14K white gold, the color of the metal supports the gemstone adding to the beauty of the ring. A great choice for a wedding ring or as an engagement ring, this ring is the perfect value for money. Learn More
  12. Natural Tsavorite 3.07 carats set in Platinum Ring with yellow and white diamonds / GIA Report


    GIA Report

    This one of a kind handmade designer ring features a 3.07 carat brilliant oval cut, Tsavorite Garnet. Certified by the GIA, the gem’s even green color and eye clean appearance is a rare find. Fancy colored yellow diamonds encircling the tsavorite add a warm sparkle to the ring. The ring’s design has interconnected links set with pavé set diamonds connecting the shank to the crown. This cocktail ring will surely leave a lasting impression.

    Learn More
  13. Natural Tsavorite 3.08 carats set in Platinum Ring with White and Yellow Diamonds / GIA Report


    GIA Report

    With a cushion cut Tsavorite garnet, this ring features the brilliant combination of fancy yellow and white diamonds that embraces the gem. With a combination of warm and cool colors, this ring will take her by storm. Certified by the GIA, this gemstone will make a statement anywhere.

    Learn More
  14. Natural Tsavorite 3.18 carats set in 14K White Gold Ring with Diamonds 0.21 carats

    Eye motifs have been known to ward away evil and this delicate ring, set with a large Tsavorite garnet weighing 3.18 carats, does just the same. The vibrant, envious green that gets the perfect amount of light from both the prong setting and the diamond halo, gives this ring its charm. Learn More
  15. Natural Tsavorite 3.20 carats set in Platinum Ring with Diamonds / GIA Report


    GIA  Report

    The trend for cocktail rings is coming back, and this handcrafted Tsavorite ring set in platinum is a beautiful option. Weighing 3.20 carats, this large gem, is a rare sight. Tested and certified by the GIA this natural gemstone will surely capture your heart. Set with strong claws, this ring has a brilliant sparkle that has been added by the diamond halo.

    Learn More
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