Natural Alexandrite with excellent color change oval shape 2.23 carats with GIA Report / video


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Alexandrite was recently discovered in the remote mines of Tanzania a few decades ago. The color and quality of their rare, color-changing gemstones quickly caught the attention of gemstone collectors worldwide. Our natural, 2.23 carats Tanzanian alexandrite is very eye clean and has strong color change from dark bluish green in daylight to a luxurious dark pinkish purple in artificial light. A modified brilliant cut on the crown and a step cut on the pavilion combine to produce a beautiful and perfectly shaped oval gem which has not been heated or treated in any way. Don't hide this incredible loose gemstone in a vault - wear it in a unique design and become the envy of the world.

SKU 334
Identification: Natural Alexandrite

• Carat: 2.23 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measures: 8.02 x 7.00 x 5.33 mm

• Color: Dark bluish green changing to Dark pinkish purple

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Color Zoning: None

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Tanzania

• GIA Report

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