Natural Colombian Emerald octagonal shape 2.57 carats with GIA Report

Identification: Natural Emerald

• Carat: 2.57 carats

• Shape: Octagon

• Measurement: 9.59 x 7.44 x 4.89 mm

• Color: green

• Cut: Step Cut

• Origin: Colombia

• GIA Report

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Not all emeralds are worn in traditional ways. Sultans were known to wear emeralds draped across their shoulders and encrusted in king-sized belts. Princess Diana once famously danced with her prince while wearing her royal emeralds as a headband. This majestic 2.57 carats natural green emerald is from the revered gemstone mines of Colombia. It is octagon shaped, with an emerald cut revealing a rich green color and perfect transparency that would make a noble jeweler proud. However you wear your emeralds, this gem is sure to attract attention.
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