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There are many colorful gemstones in the beryl family, including blue aquamarine and pink morganite. Crystals with a green tint are uncommon, and only those of pure green may be called emeralds. This unheated, natural emerald has a round, sought-after shape, expertly achieved with an modified brilliant cut, bringing out the vivid green of this rare gemstone. This glittering loose emerald was mined in Zambia and weighs 2.39 carats, a large size for an emerald of this shape and marvelous clarity. Flaunt this rare beauty as a single pendant or fabulous ring.

Natural Emerald round shape 2.39 carats

Identification: Natural Emerald

• Carat: 2.39 carats

• Shape: round

• Measurement: 8.7 x 8.7 x 5.7 mm

• Color: green

• Origin: Zambia

SKU 0076
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