Natural Heated Blue Sapphire blue color pear shape 3.17 carats with GIA Report / video


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This pear shaped natural Blue Sapphire will quell all appetites for beauty, luxury and elegance. Within its 3.17 carats, hues of blues create a moving and cool dance of blue fire. Originally sourced from Madagascar, this rare shape compliments this rare gem and calls to those with a sense of originality and who love the elongated lines that are created by this one of a kind precious gemstone.

SKU 362
Identification: Natural Blue Sapphire

• Carat: 3.17 carats

• Shape: Pear

• Measurement: 10.29 x 6.99 x 5.91 mm

• Color: Blue

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Color Zoning: None

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Madagascar

• Treatment: Heated

GIA Report

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