Natural Heated Padparadscha Sapphire 0.28 carats with GRS Report


Identification: Natural Heated Padparadscha

• Carat: 0.28 carats

• Shape: Round

• Measures: 4.06 x 4.06 x 2.33 mm

• Color: brownish orange-pink

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Origin: Madagascar

• Treatment: Heated

• Report: GRS - GRS2016-022027

SKU 2433

Easy to pair with any outfit, this 0.28 carat Padparadscha will warm her heart. Cut as round, this gem allows light into every corner filling the gem with an illuminating sparkle. With good proportions, it will make any ring a statement piece. Heated and certified by GRS, this natural gem gets its name from the lotus flower. Set with complementing diamonds, she will fall in love with this orange-pink gem within seconds.

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