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An oval yet strikingly beautiful Padparadscha, this sapphire will catch your eye with its brilliance. A gem that will accentuate any piece of jewelry, it has been cut to reveal a lovely a wholesome color. Certified by the GIA and measuring 7.42 x 5.33 x 4.62 mm this is the perfect embodiment of the colors of a lovely sunset. Natural and weighing 1.60 carats, it will make a classy center stone for an engagement ring.

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Natural Heated Padparadscha Sapphire 1.60 carats with GIA Report

Identification: Natural Heated Padparadscha

• Carat: 1.60 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measures: 7.42 x 5.33 x 4.62 mm

• Color: orangy pink

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Treatment: Heated

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SKU 2549

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