Natural Heated Pink Sapphire pink color round shape 1.24 carats


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Pink Sapphire 1.24 carats
This is a beautiful heated pink sapphire that is 100% natural.It has a grayish pink natural color. It is further translucent coupled with a magnificent hexagonal shape and displays very interesting triangular surface features found on its pincoidal terminations.It features a measurement size of 6.6x6.6x3.7mm and a carat of 1.24 carats . Its surface is a little abraded, but there are some few matrix attached on the surface. The edges of pink sapphire 1.24 carats crystal glow reddish pink whenever displayed to the light.
SKU 612
Identification: Natural Pink Sapphire

• Carat: 1.24 carats

• Shape: Round

• Measurements: 6.6 x 6.6x 3.7 mm

• Color: Pink

• Origin: Sri Lanka

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