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Natural Purple Sapphire 3.02 carats
This gem’s color speaks for itself. It’s a color that’s already saying, “Peak me”! Cush purple is an excellent color for something worth as this gem. It also allows you to wear the gem with a wide range of colors. It weighs 3.02 carats. The gem is beautiful but very rare in the world. It is naturally brilliant and its shape and cut, all helps to display its features clearly. Just like all the other good quality gems, this too originates in Sri Lanka. It is said to have healing and some mystic qualities and that it amplifies spiritual enlightenment as well as inner peace. If you would like to prove this believe, get the gem and tell the world your story.

Natural Heated Purple Sapphire purple color cushion shape 3.02 carats

Identification: Natural Purple Sapphire

• Carat: 3.02 carats

• Shape: cushion

• Measurements: 9 x 8 mm

• Color: Purple

• Cut: Brilliant/step

• Treatment: Heated

SKU 0175
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