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An unexpected choice, here is a Neon Mahenge Spinel that boasts a color unlike any other. Mined in Tanzania, this 4.34 carat gemstone is unheated and has a rich fuchsia pink, symbolizing courage and passion. Reminiscent of the vivid bougainvillea flowers from summer, here is a gemstone that will instantly add color and life with its exceptional cut that glistens under the sun.

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Natural Tanzanian Mahenge Spinel 4.34 carats


Identification: Neon Tanzanian Mahenge Spinel

• Carat: 4.34 carats

• Shape: Octagonal

• Measures: 12.16 x 8.00 x 4.86 mm

• Color: Pink

• Cut: Modified Brilliant

• Color Zoning: None

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Tanzania

• Treatment: Unheated

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SKU 4541
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