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Purplish Pink Spinel 9.08 carats
Weighing 9.08 carats, this gem shines in a purplish-pink hue, symbolizing magic, mystery, and royalty. Wearing this gem can enhance your decision-making abilities and convey a sense of purity and good judgment. It's also linked to encouraging fantasy, imagination, and mystery. With exceptional clarity, top luster, and an excellent cut, this gem showcases superb quality. Certified by a GIA report, it's not just a gem—it's a reflection of enchantment, elegance, and excellence.


Natural Pink Spinel 9.08 carats with GIA Report

Identification: Natural Purplish Pink Spinel

• Carat: 9.08 carats

• Shape: Cushion

• Measures: 12.72 x 11.57 x 7.74 mm

• Color: purplish pink

• Cut: Modified Brilliant/step

• Color Zoning: None

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Treatment: Unheated

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SKU 2845

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