Natural Sphene oval shape 8.82 carats


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Natural Sphene 8.82 carats
This is an elegant gem, a member of the Natural Sphene. The rare gem is from the classic islands of Madagascar. The rare and precious gem measures 13.15x 11.25 x 7.1 mm and weighs 8.82 carats. This gem is a representation of composure, creativity and individualism character of the wearer. The special gemstone has an eye clear clarity, in its purest form. The gem is yellowish Green a representation of energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. The greenish streak introduces the environment green meaning while yellow brings our confidence. This will without do your wardrobe colors; it can accentuate wide range of attire.
SKU 642
Identification: Natural Sphene

• Carat: 8.82 carats

• Shape: Oval

• Measurements: 13.15 x 11.25 x 7.1 mm

• Color: Yellowish Green

• Clarity: very eye clean

• Origin: Madagascar

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