Padparadscha Sapphire 1.25 cts GRS Certified - sold


SKU 704

Identification: Natural Padparadscha

• Carat: 1.25 cts

• Shape: oval

• Measures: 7.12 x 5.88 x 3.75 mm

• Color: orangy-pink

• Cut: modified brilliant/step

• Origin: Madagascar

• Treatment: Heated

• GRS certified

SKU 704
This 1.25 cts, GRS certified, oval shape and Madagascar originated Padparadscha sapphire gem is a special variety of gem corundum, and featuring a delicate color that is a mixture of pink and orange. Also, with prices similar to those by fine emerald or ruby fetched, this 7.12 x 5.88 x 3.75 mm padparadscha gem is one of the world‘s most expensive gems. The price of the gem is $1,438.00. Prices for padparadschas can very greatly according to size, shape and quality.
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