Padparadscha Sapphire 1.64 cts Unheated GRS Certified - sold


SKU 691

Identification: Natural Unheated Padparadscha

• Carat: 1.64 cts

• Shape: oval

• Measures: 8.22x6.09x3.60 mm

• Color: pinkish-orange

• Cut: modified brilliant/step

• Origin: Madagascar

• Treatment: Unheated

• GRS certified

SKU 691
This 1.64 carats natural Padparadscha sapphire gemstones are the king of the fancy sapphire gemstone family. The pinkish-orange or orange-pink color of the stone is said to resemble the color of a lotus flower blossom. Also, the exact color of a fine padparadscha sapphire is debatable amongst gemstone dealers and gemologists. The beauty of a very fine quality padparadscha gemstone is the only thing that is not in dabate. This padparadscha sapphires stone is GRS certified and is heat treated and is color permanent. Natural color gems of vivid intense color will command very high prices.
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