Located in the historical heart of the Los Angeles Jewelry District, JupiterGem has been an industry leader in outstanding service and unparalleled products for over four decades. During that time, we have established ourselves to wholesalersdesigners and collectors within the global jewelry trade as an accredited and trusted Jewelry and Gem company. 


Since the launch of our online store in January of 2014, it has finally become possible for everyone to be able to purchase our  magnificent items online. Thanks to the easy-to-use website and Ebay page, it is now possible for us to offer  beautiful, rare and collectible gems and jewelry to everyone, whether it is a direct customer or a credited business. We are highly committed to provide our existing and new clients with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and help to bridge the gap between a lovely thought and a beautiful gift. 


Please take a moment and register on our site. Once we have verified whether you are buying as a member of the public, a retailer or wholesaler, we can help navigate your purchasing experience as well as giving you the most accurate and up-to date pricing. 


Wellcome to JupiterGem World