Sapphire Secrets

Author: (graduated gemologist)

Sapphire is one of the most charming and precious in the world gemstones. Its value depends on the mine because the stone home ground bears the minerals with their unique traits – so-called secrets.

So, what are they? Let’s distill all of them!

The secrets of color

The price of a sapphire is affected by its color. This is the first factor that is more important than the clarity. In comparison with the diamonds, it is very rare that sapphires are absolutely clear. Even the most luxurious and expensive sapphires may have the hardly visible natural characteristics that help determine the originality of the stone. However, the numerous jewelry brands of the world are proud of such factors using them when creating the exclusive design.

Vagabonde Bleue Ring. This piece is set in silver, 18-karat white gold and features 618 white diamonds and blue sapphires totaling 18.79ct. The center stone is a Cushion sapphire of 12.46ct.

The best and most valuable shades of dark blue sapphires are violet-blue. The heavy medium or dark shades are special whereas very dark or light hues are cheaper ones.

It is necessary to admit that inky sapphire is a passion of many jewelry collections. However, it does not mean that other shades of this precious gem are worse. The sapphires were, are and will be the most desired stones in the jewelry world.

The dark-blue sapphires are not rare. They are mined in numerous countries. Many deposits of this corundum type are located within the territory of Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania. At the same time, the country of the actual origin really impacts the value of stone, especially if the sapphire is of the highest quality. In order to remember the category, the simple funny scheme of sapphires price that varies according to the mine is used:

  • Kashmiri – ‘Mercedes’
  • Burma – ‘Lexus’
  • Ceylon/Sri Lanka – ‘Cadillac’
Selection of Sapphires
Selection of Sapphires

Geographical secrets

  1. Meanwhile the sapphires from Kashmir are steeped by the enormous number of legends. They are mainly ‘old’ stones, which changed hands many times. And although Kashmiri is the most cited mine of gorgeous sapphires, everybody knows that the new precious gems are not mined in this region anymore. Kashmiri exemplars (real ones) have long become the hunting objects of collectors, who are ready to pay the large sums of money for such semi-precious gems. This means that Kashmiri stones cannot be simply met in the jewelry pieces of modern producers.
  2. The sapphires from Mogok (North Burma) are called ‘midnight blue stars’. Nowadays the mining of gems in this region is limited. The Burmese sapphires are darker and clearer than Kashmiri ones. These stones are chosen by the Arabic sheiks and Oriental princesses.
  3. The main place of sapphire mining is Ratnapura (Sri Lanka). Besides, it is known as the place of origin of the largest world sapphires. When Prince Charles presented the engagement ring with the Ceylon sapphire to his fiancée Princess Diana, sapphires of Sri Lanka immediately became the most popular in the world.
  4. The Australian sapphires are no less beautiful. The velvet blue, greenish-blue, light yellow of the gem looks incredible! Additionally, it is necessary to admit that in 1960s Australia held the garland of victory as to the sapphires mining in the world.

Keeping the place of origin in mind, you need to choose the stone that fits your liking because only in this case will you feel the harmony. Besides, the people with strong energies should select blue and violet stones and those who feel the lack of inner fires should opt for warm colors like purples and pinks or even yellows and browns.