The Right Ruby You Should Be Investing In

We could not have asked for a more perfect gemstone for the month of June. The Wondrous Ruby also called the Ratnaraja in some parts of the world. The scarlet red gemstone that has been taking engagement rings by storm, Rubies symbolize passion and commitment with its natural depth of color.

The Right Ruby You Should be Investing In

An elegant choice, the Natural Ruby fits right into this month as it also makes a lovely choice for engagement and wedding rings if your looking for a dash of rich, sensual color. But what is it that makes this birthstone of the month such an ideal stone for an investment? We are here to decode the color of a Ruby so you have nothing to worry about when you head out to buy yourself the Ratnaraja of your choice.

Color of the Ruby

Rubies as you might already know are the red variety of the gemstone species Corundum. A colorless species in its purest form, the Ruby is colored by the element Chromium that gets intertwined into the gemstones chemical composition. What’s surprising is that even a little percentage of chromium can result in a strong and vivid body color of the gemstone.

Color is and always has been a key factor when it comes to determining the value of the gemstone. The word Ratnaraja – King of Gems meant the popular Ruby was, at one point a superior gemstone thanks to its rich hues and intense internal fire. Till today if you pick up an exceptional quality Ruby, you will be surprised to see its internal flame that often never goes out of style.

Ruby You Should Be Investing In
Halo Set Vibrant Ruby

When we talk about the color of a Ruby, we refer to the even color you see when you pick up the stone. Essentially comprised of two colors, Natural Rubies have a purplish red element and an orangey red element that together give rise to the rich Pigeon Blood Red we see. A deeper the hue generally translates to a higher value although; one should be weary of treatments like filling and diffusion that are often done to natural gems to improve the intensity of the color.

Rubies are mined from different locations across the world, some popular sites are the Myanmar belt, the African belt and of course the Thai belt. With different properties and appearances from each location, Rubies are amongst some of the most rare gems worldwide.


The overall body color is very important when determining the origin of a gemstone and here we have made a quick distinction for you.

Location Milkyness/ Haziness Color
Myanmar or Burmese Rubies No Milkyness Show a rich scarlet Red
African Rubies from Mozambique and Madagascar No distinct Milkyness Can sometimes show rich reds, that contend with Burmese Quality
Thai Rubies No Milkyness Tend to have a deeper purplish hue because of the higher concentrations of Iron


With a clear distinction into the slight variations seen in a Rubys mesmerising color, you can be sure to buy the right gemstone when you need to. Try and our team of trained professional gemologists and jewelry professionals can help you pick a gemstones and design a piece around it to get he most from the natural gem. (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo) (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

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