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Blood red is what describes the intense color seen in this octagonal Burmese Ruby. At 0.94 carats, this perfectly symmetrical gemstone will add life to any piece of jewelry. Ideal for an engagement ring, because of the gems superior durability, it will be a pleasure to look at this gem for years. Natural and completely eye clean, the crimson glow will steal her heart in minutes. With dimensions that come up to 7.35 x 4.12 x 2.77 mm, the gems small yet vivid color sets it apart from others.

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Natural Heated Burma Ruby 0.94 carats with GIA Report


Identification: Natural Burma Ruby

• Carat: 0.94 carats

• Shape: Octagonal

• Measurement: 7.35 x 4.12 x 2.77 mm

• Color: Red

• Cut: Step

• Color Zoning: None

• Origin: Burma (Myanmar)

• Treatment: Heated

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SKU 2245

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