The Ultimate Guide to Green Sapphires

When looking for a green gemstone, most people immediately think of an emerald. While the bright blue-green intensity of the finest emeralds can be hard to beat, if you’re after any other shade of green the green sapphire is sure to have what you’re looking for. With tones ranging from a light yellow-green to an olive green and through to a rich teal, this is a stone that deserves to be better known.

What is a Green Sapphire?

It is a common misconception that all sapphires are blue: sapphires in fact come in a rainbow of colors.

Sapphire is the name given to the naturally occurring mineral, corundum, which is actually colorless in its purest form. The presence of different chemical impurities in the stone give it color. When this color is anything other than blue or red, it is known as a ‘fancy sapphire’. Red corundum is known by a completely different term altogether: ruby!

Green sapphires owe their color to trace amounts of iron within the stone’s crystal structure. The addition of titanium creates a deep blue-green.

What Shade are Green Sapphires?

Green sapphires can be a vibrant yellowy-green, a soft sage, a light mint or a deep forest. There are an abundance of colors for you to choose from! Teal sapphires are a big trend at the moment, with the finest ‘mermaid’ blue-green examples being an increasingly popular engagement ring choice.

Green sapphires also exhibit strong pleochroism, which means that they show different colors when viewed from different angles.

Are Green Sapphires Rare?

Blue is by far the most common sapphire color. In comparison green sapphires are rare, but due to a relatively low demand they are readily available on the market. Top quality, large stones can be hard to find which is why it is important to use a trusted dealer with a large network of sources. At JupiterGem we have decades of industry experience and strong relationships with mines around the world. This way we ensure that you always get the best quality at the best price.

What are Green Sapphires Worth?

Rarity usually means that a gemstone has a high value. However, the fact that green sapphires are so unknown to the majority of the public, means that prices are far lower than their yellow or pink counterparts. Quality obviously affects value, as does prevailing tastes. Shifting trends have seen the value of teal green sapphires soaring in recent years.

Where are Green Sapphires Found?

The island nation of Sri Lanka is known for producing some of the most exceptional green sapphires available. Other locations where they are found include Australia, Thailand, Madagascar and Tanzania. Montana in the US is known for its deep blue-green stones

How Can You Tell if a Green Sapphire is Real?

Synthetic sapphires have been made in the lab since the early 20th century. These ‘simulants’ are real sapphires in that they are chemically the same as a mined stone. They are mostly used for industrial applications, but are sometimes passed off as genuine natural gemstones. The only way to tell if you have a real natural green sapphire is to make sure you have purchased your gemstone from a trusted source. Top quality stones will be accompanied by a certificate from a reputable lab such as the GIA or GRS.

What is the Meaning of Green Sapphires?

Green sapphires are thought to signify calmness and tranquility and bring soothing energy to those who wear them. They are also associated with trust and loyalty and believed to have the power to deepen love.

How Tough are Green Sapphires?

Corundum is an exceptionally durable mineral. It rates a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, second only to diamonds which means that of all the natural minerals, only another sapphire or a diamond will scratch it.

Corundum also has no cleavage (a tendency to break when struck) and is relatively stable when exposed to everyday household chemicals and changes in heat and light.

This makes green sapphires not only incredibly beautiful, but also extremely practical. They are perfect stones for everyday wear and, if treated with some care, will continue to look as good as the day you bought it for many years to come.

Are Green Sapphires a Good Stone for an Engagement Ring?

Diamonds have ruled the engagement ring market for the last century, but the market share of colored stones is increasing each year. Many brides are looking for something a little different and more suitable to their personalities.

One of the most famous gemstone engagement rings belonged to the late Princess Diana. Now adorning the finger of Kate Middleton, the spectacular deep blue Ceylon sapphire has been much copied and admired.

Brides looking for a green stone ring often turn to an emerald. While these stones do have an undeniable beauty, they are not the best choice for an engagement ring that will receive everyday wear. Rating a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, an emerald’s softness means that it can be easily scratched and it is far more likely to be damaged than a sapphire.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Loose Green Sapphire?

At JupiterGem we have an abundance of loose green sapphires for sale. From a pale grassy green, through to a mossy green or teal – we have it all. A loose stone is perfect for gem collectors or for jewelry lovers who wish to personalize their purchase. Our talented design team and jewelers will create anything you like!

This heart-shaped 1.75 carat natural teal green-blue sapphire would make a perfect pendant. Why not set it in white gold with a sparkling diamond bale?

We’re very excited about this step-cut octagonal natural unheated green sapphire from Ethiopia. Very eye clean, with no color zoning and weighing 8.72 carats, it would make a fantastic stone for a serious collector. It comes with an accompanying GIA report.

Do Green Sapphires Make Good Jewelry?

The answer, is ‘Yes, definitely!’. Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring or something to spoil yourself, you can’t go wrong with a green sapphire. Their beautiful tones are sure to draw admiring glances.

This natural, unheated green sapphire is pear-shaped and weighs 2.48 carats. Set in 14K white gold, the ornate pierced shoulders have been studded with 0.12 carat of diamonds to add a bit of extra sparkle. A delicate and feminine ring, this is sure to appeal to a fan of vintage jewelry. A GIA certificate is included with your purchase.

A round stud earring never goes out of style. We’ve taken inspiration from this classic design and added a modern twist. Each earring features three round teal sapphires set in a 14K white gold claw setting. The simplicity of the setting allows the 3.90 carats of deep blue-green sapphires to grab all the attention.

The Best Green Sapphire Jewelry on the Market!

If you haven’t spotted your ideal piece of green sapphire jewelry in this article, don’t worry! Visit our website to see a whole lot more fabulous green sapphire jewelry just waiting to join your collection. And don’t forget, we also have dozens of loose stones in case you wish to create something truly unique. (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo) (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

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