Flatter with the Right Aquamarine Jewelry

We all love the beach, and for good reason. Enjoying the warmth, the crystal clear water that reflects majestically under the reflection of the glorious sun or having the sand glide effortlessly through your toes. Whatever your attraction to this cooling blue waterbody, we’ve got a gemstone that embodies it all into one, the Aquamarine. With a collection of handmade pieces at JupiterGem, emphasizing and showing off the gems natural beauty you will be set to pick out your “something blue” with ease. Through this blog, we also offer you an insight into what you should be looking for to pick out the right Aquamarine Jewelry for this year.

right aquamarine jewelry
Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

March has arrived in style, with the Oscars setting the mood, bringing fashion styles and jewelry trends straight off the Runways. And we are falling in love all over again with the ever romanticised Aquamarine. Used popularly in jewelry from the Art Deco period, this pastel-colored, dewy gemstone is creating a stir with its summer-inspired colors and exceptional durability.

A few of our picks from the night of the Oscars

right aquamarine jewelry
Emily Blunt making heads turn at the Oscars, 2018 in her Chopard Aquamarine Chandelier earrings.


right aquamarine jewelry
Gal Galot in a Tiffany Art Deco, Aquamarine necklace.

Here are some reasons why an Aquamarine could be the right gemstone for you:

  • Aquamarine is a close cousin to the ever loved Emerald, that technically differs only in body color. Its chemical composition is Al2Be3(Si6O18) and always shows off a transparent to translucent Blue to Sea Bluish Green color.
  • Although the gem might appear delicate, with a hardness of 7.5 to 8, this pastel colored Aquamarine makes an edgy choice for jewelry as it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • Second, to the Blue Sapphire in popularity, the Aquamarine is the younger, pure, neutrally colored gemstone that appeals to the modern woman.
  • A gemstone that forms in large sizes, without many internal inclusions, it has better durability, It is the perfect gemstone you’re looking to buy an large, inclusion free gemstone, in unique cutting styles.

Mined popularly in Brazil, a country that unearths the largest amount of Aquamarine rough, at JupiterGem with our mine to market connections, we source out the best, natural gems available on the market. Eye clean, with industry, accepted heat treatment, we stock gems from 3 carats that are perfect for your daughter’s earrings all the way to 15 carat gems that inevitably make great cocktail rings. 

right aquamarine jewelry
Natural Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarines are the perfect splurge, priced at affordable bands. These gemstones are great to add glamour and are also light on the pocket. Available from prices that begin at $300, the quality is key when determining the fair value of the gemstone.

Key Factors that Increase the Value of an Aquamarine 

  • Deep Blue Colors: The larger the gemstone the deeper the intensity of the gems characteristic blue color. The color of the gemstone should also be free of any hints of yellow or grey that can affect the value of the gemstone.
  • Eye clean gems: The clearer the gemstone the higher the value. Aquamarines without any sign internal features like breaks, fingerprints, crystal inclusions add value and increased durability to the gemstone.
  • Mining Location: Mines tend to have a strong effect on the quality and color of a gemstone. Gems mined in regions of Brazil, Mozambique tend to reveal clear, deep blue gemstones that can fetch high prices.
right aquamarine jewelry
Deep 31.86 carat Beautiful Aquamarines

Pick out your simple yet chic Aquamarine gemstone that will either transform into or be the right aquamarine jewelry. 

jupitergem.com (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)
jupitergem.com (graduated gemologist, Chantelle Lobo)

graduated gemologist

Growing up in a country like India, bursting with color, culture and creativity, Chantelle's curiosity drew her towards the fascinating world of gemstones and jewelry. Trained with the best at the Gemological Institute of America and the SSEF, Switzerland, her knowledge encompasses advanced methods of gemstone identification, diamond grading and the manufacture and sales as a jewelry professional. Her adventures have taken her to source Spinels on the busy streets in Myanmar to exceptional Sapphires in Srilanka, a selection of gems from Madagascar and even rare Jades in China. With over 7 years of experience in the jewelry industry, her strong foundation in this niche field allows her to make key observations on the value or quality of gemstones and jewelry. She now continues to fuel her deep-rooted interest for these special stones by seeking out precious one-of-a-kind gems around the world. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chantelle-lobo-8a12a962/