The Rosy Pink Sapphire

Heard of the ever-popular Pink Sapphire? The delicate, rosy pink variety that sparkles with brilliance?

Pink Sapphire
Pink Sapphire

Of course, you have, second in durability only to the pronounced Diamond; these gems have a world of their own in terms of color, brilliance, internal characteristics and composition. Growing in popularity and price points, this spectacular gemstone has carved itself a niche because of its versatile look.

Pink Sapphires belong to the family of Corundums that is chemically made up of Aluminium Oxide. With a delicate addition of different trace elements into its composition, different colors within the gem become prominent. For example, Pink Sapphires get their colour from the addition of small amounts of Chromium, which when in larger quantities becomes Ruby. When there is an addition of Chromium and Iron, Sapphires come in a breathtaking sunset orange color also known as a Padparadscha. Becoming a real market pleaser, Pink Sapphires in its pastel to vivid hues and intrinsic brilliance can be heightened in value by insightful cutting.

Pink Sapphire
Vivid Pink Sapphire

Brought to the surface through various mining techniques, these gems are mined popularly in areas like Srilanka, Myanmar and East Africa of course. Some are even collected through alluvial techniques, which tend to have the best quality of gems as impurities wear off with all the tumbling and turning.  Each sapphire gem goes through long channels before becoming the centerpiece of your Pink Sapphire Ring, which also, in turn, gives your ring its individual charm.

Did you know

Sapphires also have a variety called Star Sapphires or Rubies. These gems have tiny inclusions called Silk that can give the gem its soft, cloudy appearance. Silk forms in specific angles, which can cause the gemstone to have the appearance of a star when a light is focussed upon the gemstone. Here is an example of a fine ruby, with good color and a sharp star augmenting its value.

Star Ruby
Star Ruby

Believed to ward away misfortune and ill health, Sapphires must always touch the skin for maximum benefit, a belief taken from ancient Indian teachings. Today most designer rings still follow this concept and gems are set in a way the pavilion rests comfortably on the skin without any sharp edges.

Pink Sapphire
Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

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