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Three important factors that help determine how rare a gemstone is, and its availability, durability, and beauty are the main factors. Through this post, we have put together a few reasons why gemstones earn the love and respect of men and women across the world.

Selection of rare Sapphires
Selection of Sapphires

Gemstones have been known to adorn Kings and Queens and all their belongings for years. Used as a mark of royalty and riches, these small yet glistening beauties were uncovered on thrones, weapons of war, clothing, and jewelry of course.

At JupiterGem our collection of stones include some of the rarest gems found in nature and are sourced from a network of mines across the globe. This enables us to maintain a captivating inventory with gemstones that are just too good to be true.

With exceptional optical properties, we have Alexandrites, Padparadschas, Paraibas and even some irresistible Emeralds

Rare Natural Alexandrite
Natural Alexandrite


Alexandrites will forever be linked to the Tsar of Russia. Named after Alexander the second, this rare gemstone takes on two personalities, one just as strong as the other. Displaying an olive green body color in daylight that mysteriously transforms into a purplish red in candlelight, these gems have a hardness of 8.5 on the Moh’s scale making them ideal for use in jewelry.

Natural Alexandrites set in an Engagement Ring
Natural Alexandrites set in an Engagement Ring

With an entire spectrum of colors seen within this variety of Chrysoberyl, this chameleon-like gem is popularly referred to being the Emerald by day and a Ruby by night. Mined in relatively small sizes, Alexandrite’s were first discovered in the Ural Mountains, their only known source at the time.


Certified Natural Alexandrites
Certified Natural Alexandrites

Over the years, gemologists have also found deposits both in Srilanka and India that yield good quality gems with the same magical color change.

Paraiba Tourmalines elegantly stacked on her hand
Paraiba Tourmalines elegantly stacked on her hand



Paraiba Tourmalines, a variety that has a vibrant, electric glow will sweep you off your feet. Evident because of the presence of copper, these cuprian beauties are one of the rarest within this species.

Tur – mali, which translates to “many colors” seems fit for this gemstone that can be found in any shade within the spectrum of the rainbow. Discovered first in Brazil in the 1980’s, Paraiba’s got their distinct name from the region in which they were found. Today these gems are also mined in Africa and Madagascar that yield stones with an indistinguishable difference.

Electric colors as seen in Paraiba
Electric colors as seen in Paraiba

The gems spectacular bright colors can come in violetish blues, neon blues, greenish blues and even vivid emerald greens. Mined to a ratio of 1:10,000 in comparison to diamonds, it’s no surprise these rare gems demand skyrocketing prices when coupled with alluring color and clarity.

Padparadscha Sapphire
Padparadscha Sapphire

Besides these, JupiterGem has a collection of soft sunset colored Padparadscha Sapphires. These sapphires that have gained their popularity in recent years thanks to the gems rarity and delicate colors once faceted, have created a niche of their own.

Sunset colors seen in this Padparadscha
Sunset colors are seen in this Padparadscha

Named after the ‘Lotus flower’ in Sinhalese, this irresistible and rare gemstone, the Padparadscha was first discovered in Srilanka, a country rich in resources. From the same family as Rubies and Sapphires, this gem that has orange and pink present in the perfect blend has exceptional durability making it a great rare gem for jewelry.

Padparadscha Engagement Rings
Padparadscha Engagement Rings

Aluminum Oxide with a dash of beryllium and chromium, together give birth to these salmon colored beauties. As the name lotus blossom perfectly embodies the gem, these Padparadschas are now being mined in Madagascar and Tanzania.

Beautiful Bluish Green Rare Emerald set in yellow gold
Beautiful Bluish Green Emerald set in yellow gold

Emeralds, another gem that can rarely be found in vivid lush colors, push this gem to the top. Known for their Jardin like characteristics, Emeralds have an entire world within. With deep bluish green or yellowish green colors, these gems have been known to be Cleopatra’s favorite treasures.

Rare Emeralds
Bluish green Heart Shaped Emeralds

Mined in Columbia, Emeralds, go hand in hand with the royalty of the world as a status symbol. Favorite of the opulent Nizams of Hyderabad, Emeralds were part of their legendary jewelry collection, which remains unmatched to this day. Gemstone for the month of May is also said to bring luck and fortune to its wearer.

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